Fiocchi AmmoAero Slug Hi Velocity 12ga 2.75″ 1oz /5


Aero Slug 12 Gauge 2.75″

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Fiocchi’s boar and buck slayer slug is a game changer for shotgun hunters for several reasons. The segmented, zinc plated, steel slug is engineered to provide extreme tissue damage to boar and buck for quick, humane elimination. The zinc plating is designed to inhibit rust and corrosion similar to waterfowl loads. The slug contains no lead and because of that it can be used in areas where lead ammunition is prohibited. This slug is designed to be used in fully rifled shotgun barrels only.


– Gauge: 12
– Length: 2 3/4″
– Oz. Shot: 1
– Velocity: 1630 FPS
– Quantity: 5

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Weight1.9 lbs


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