RCBSUltrasonic Case Cleaner

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Ultrasonic Case Cleaner

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The RCBS Ultrasonic Case Cleaner is the perfect cleaner for the reloader looking to clean their brass with ultrasonic cleaning solutions. This ultrasonic cleaner features a large 3 liter (3.2 quart) solution capacity, 60 watt transducer, 100 watt ceramic heater, a user friendly keypad and display, drain valve and drain tube, degas function and comes with the RCBS one year Limited Warranty. All features that are not currently found in Ultrasonic cleaners in this price range. Ultrasonic cleaners work by creating high frequency ultrasonic vibrations that blast away caked on carbon deposits from brass cases, dirt and grime from gun parts and any other type of equipment that will fit in the machine.

– 60 Watt Transducer
– 100 Watt ceramic heater
– User friendly keypad and display
– Drain valve and tube
– Degas function


– Voltage: 110 Volt
– Tank Capacity: 3 Liter (3.2 Quart)
– Tank Dimensions: Coming Soong…
– Bowl Capacity: Coming Soon…

Special Notes:

– Ultrasonic Cleaning removes fouling from cases, it does not polish cases. Reloaders looking for polished cases still need to run cleaned cases through a tumbler to achieve a shiny finish
– Cases must be dry after cleaning prior to loading

Additional information

Weight10.45 lbs
Dimensions17.5 x 10 x 12.5 in


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