Saws & Shears

  • allnpic1898

    Allen Cases (Rockvale Compact Hand Axe)

    Sale!$27.63 $23.49
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  • bokrpic09bo111

    Boker Knives (Boker Plus Carnivore)

    Sale!$185.95 $158.06
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  • bokrpic09bo110

    Boker Knives (Boker Plus Tomahook)

    Sale!$169.95 $144.46
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  • brngpic320110bl

    Browning (Knife,Shock N’ Awe Tomahawk)

    Sale!$89.99 $76.49
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  • buckpic757bkm

    Buck Knives (5279 Camp Axe, Black)

    Sale!$71.00 $60.35
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  • buckpic0106was

    Buck Knives (7954 Compadre Axe)

    Sale!$124.00 $105.40
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  • camipic19055

    Camillus Cutlery Company (Camillus 8″ Titanium Bonded Game Shear)

    Sale!$14.49 $12.32
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  • camipic19121

    Camillus Cutlery Company (Les Stroud SK Path Fixed Saw, Firestarter)

    Sale!$36.99 $31.44
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  • cashpicxh2119

    CAS Hanwei (Pipe Hawk (smokable))

    Sale!$135.00 $114.75
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  • coghpic9060

    Coghlans (Camp Axe)

    Sale!$10,811.00 $9,189.35
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  • coghpic8304

    Coghlans (Deluxe/Commando Saw)

    Sale!$3,591.00 $3,052.35
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  • coghpic8901

    Coghlans (Folding Saw)

    Sale!$32,281.00 $27,438.85
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  • coghpic1160

    Coghlans (Pack Axe)

    Sale!$18,601.00 $15,810.85
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  • coghpic0562

    Coghlans (Pocket Sierra Saw)

    Sale!$8,151.00 $6,928.35
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  • coghpic8400

    Coghlans (Sierra Saw)

    Sale!$9,386.00 $7,978.10
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  • coghpic704

    Coghlans (Sportsman’s Saw)

    Sale!$3,781.00 $3,213.85
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  • coldpic90axg

    Cold Steel (Axe Gang Hatchet)

    Sale!$39.99 $33.99
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  • coldpic89msw

    Cold Steel (MAA Swiss Halberd)

    Sale!$199.99 $169.99
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  • coldpic90n

    Cold Steel (Norse Hawk)

    Sale!$41.99 $35.69
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  • coldpic90rh

    Cold Steel (Rifleman’s Hawk)

    Sale!$46.99 $39.94
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  • coldpic90ta

    Cold Steel (Trail Boss)

    Sale!$48.99 $41.64
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  • coldpic92bkpth

    Cold Steel (Trench Hawk Trainer)

    Sale!$17.99 $15.29
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  • coldpic90pthz

    Cold Steel (Trench Hawk)

    Sale!$67.99 $57.79
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