Leapers Inc.Compensator Mount for RWS Airgun w/LBD

Compensator Mount for RWS Airgun


Leapers UTG Compensator Mount for RWS Airgun with Large Barrel Droop


– 20.7″ Upward Compensation at 30 Yds Preferably for Application on RWS Diana Break Barrel Models
– Recoil Stop Shoulder and Stop Pin to Prevent Bi-directional Recoil
– Three High Strength Screws to Ensure Solid Locking
– 12 Picatinny Slots on Top Rail to Provide Flexible Eye Relief Adjustment
– Milled Base to Accept Filler Screw on Rifle


– Length: 4.9″
– Width: 0.8″
– Height: 0.9″
– Weight: 3.6 oz
– Material: Aluminum
– Rail Type: Picatinny/Weaver
– Color: Black

Note: This adapter fits guns with the T05 trigger. In 2011, Diana introduced guns with the T06 trigger. These guns have a longer rail. This adapter does not fit the guns with longer rails


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