FirefieldGreen Laser Sight w/Barrel/WeaverMts


Green Laser Sight w/Barrel/Weaver Mounts

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Perfect for quick target acquisition, the Firefield Green Laser Sight with barrel mount and weaver mount kit can help every marksman hit their target with precision accuracy. With visibility up to 1 mile at night and up to 100 yards during daylight hours, the Firefield Green Laser Sight kit lends itself to fast-paced tactical shooting , close range hunting and tactical training situations. No matter the adventure, the Firefield Green Laser Sight kit generates the same heart-pounding experience.

The Firefield Laser Sight features a tactical on/off pressure pad, which saves precious seconds and battery life, ensuring the action never stops. The shockproof, aluminum housing creates a durable product that was made for intensity. For quick adjustments in the field, Firefield Green Laser Sight features windage and elevation adjustments.

The lightweight, compact design of the Firefield Green Laser makes a dynamic, but easy addition to any shooters arsenal. Protected by a manufacturers warranty and the quality that comes with the Firefield name, the Firefield Green Laser Sight will last through any shooting career and keep up with even the most passionate marksman. Firefield-Victory Justifies Everything.


– Lightweight, compact & shockproof
– Tactical on/off pressure pad
– Windage & elevation adjustable
– Quick target acquisition
– 1 mile visibility at night
– Up to 100 yards visibility in daylight

Note of caution, the Firefield Green Laser Sight is intensely bright. Avoid direct contact with eyes and always wear proper gear and eye protection. Be sure to read the operational manual before use.

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Weight0.75 lbs
Dimensions7 x 4 x 2.375 in


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