HogueS&W K/L Rd Butt Rubber Monogrip

Rubber Grip for S&W


The Monogrip is simply the finest grip and best choice for your Smith & Wesson. The ergonomic shape and proportioned finger grooves position the hand consistently every time and are designed for optimum pointing characteristics. These features enhance accuracy by helping the shooter acquire a target faster and more consistently, shot after shot.


– Hogue rubber grips hold securely in cold, wet or sweating hands.
– Monogrips are made by OverMolding our soft rubber over a hard inner skeleton or “insert”.
– Extremely durable grip will not delaminate or come apart.
– Monogrips are fully relieved for speedloaders
– Securely attaches to your gun in seconds by means of our patented steel stirrup.
– Orthopedic handshape
– Proportioned finger grooves


– Material: Durable Synthetic Rubber
– Texture: “Cobblestone”
– Frame: Full Size
– S&W Round Butt models 10, 12, 13, 19, 64, 65, 66, 547, 581, 586, 617, 681, 686 & 696.


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