Trumark (Slingshot, Fiber-Optic Sights)

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Slingshot, Fiber-Optic Sights, No Wrist-Brace

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S9FO Trumark slingshot


– Fiber-Optic Sights attached to Rotating prongs.
– When the slingshot is fired, the prongs and the sights rotate 180 degrees to allow the powerbands to pass through the fork.
– The bands never hit the sights. The unique fiber-optic dot sensors capture light rays which cause the red & green dot sights to glow for better aiming, and shooting accuracy.
– The clear plastic-handle slides up the U-shaped aluminum frame, and releases SA30 ammo from a capless hole in the bottom.
– When the handle is pushed down, the hole becomes “self-sealing” and traps ammo in the handle.
– Does not have a wrist-brace, and will fit in a back pack or pocket.
– It has a moderate pull and is fun to shoot!
– Includes 30 cnt. SA30 5/16″ steel-ball “starter ammo” in the handle chamber.
– Powered by matched-pull latex powerbands with split-leather pouch.
– 175 Yd. Range!

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