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Gear Spider

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The Gear Spider is a handy multi-function gadget that grips conveniently to hand-held devices. Great for quick attachment to gear or when you need that extra hand.


– Plastic coated wire “legs” connected to a center “body” provide endless uses for holding gear in place
– Eight flexible “legs” bend and twist to fit a variety of shapes and sizes
– No knots to tie or hooks to slip
– Easier than rope, won’t rust, slip, or stretch
– Perfect for holding phones, flashlights, cameras, lanterns, mirrors, cups, etc.


– Size: 8.25″ x 2.5″ x 0.25″
– Weight: 1.2 oz.
– Color: Black

Additional information

Weight0.2 lbs
Dimensions10 x 4 x 0.25 in


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